Body-Fat Reduction / Weight-Loss Program


  • The premier total-body sculpting program by Focus Fitness.
  • This 8-week program includes diet and exercise plans designed significantly reduce your body fat, lose up to 15 pounds, and gain the tools to sustain your weight loss over the long term.
  • All clients are provided with a meal plan and the caloric intake and macro-nutrient (Protein, Carbs, & Fat) targets to maximize body-fat reduction and promote lean muscle development. Vegetarian and Vegan meal plans are available.
  • All participants will have their body measurements taken, will be required to weigh-in on a weekly basis and keep a food diary.  We track these metrics to ensure your success through accountability.
  • The exercise portion of this program is designed to challenge your body in a multitude of ways to affect change. It includes both cardio and weightlifting workouts.




5:30 AM | Mon-Fri

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8-Week | $239 (new clients only)


4-Week Renewal | $180

8-Week Renewal | $300

12-Week Renewal | $360

AUTO-DEBIT Plans (Monthly)

3-Month Option | $150

6-Month Option | $135


1-Class | $20

6-Class | $90

8-Class | $120

Interested or committed?


No gimmicks! Just hard work and sound nutrition.

If you're interested in losing weight quickly, you're probably setting yourself up for failure.  You have to be committed to the more deliberate process of building your body through exercise while reducing body fat through sound nutrition. We do not promote gimmick diets: no detoxes, fasts or other "diets" that are not sustainable over the long-term and usually lead to yo-yo weight gain once you return to normal eating.


Think Fat loss, not Weight loss.

Weight  loss and fat  loss are not necessarily synonymous.  You can lose weight by losing muscle mass, which is counterproductive to keeping your metabolism high and body fat low.  We call this phenomena "skinny fat".  It is commonly said that muscle weighs more than fat, which is inaccurate.  A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat; but a pound of muscle takes up much less space, meaning a person with greater muscle mass will be smaller than their counterpart of the same weight.


Eat to Lose Weight and Lean Out.

Contrary to popular belief, chronic undereating can have the same effect as chronic overeating in terms of body fat retention, particularly when you simultaneously increase exercise.  Malnutrition can deprive the body of essential calories to function properly and cause the body to produce the stress hormone, Cortisol, which promotes fat storage. Furthermore, undereating can cause the body to break down muscle for fuel, thereby increasing body-fat percentage and decreasing metabolism over the long term.

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